Trump aims at Cruz ahead of Indiana showdown

Trump aims at Cruz ahead of Indiana showdown 

Posted: 9:25 pm Sunday, May 1st, 2016

By Jamie Dupree

With a giant battle looming on Tuesday in Indiana, supporters of Donald Trump and Ted Cruz waged delegate skirmishes across the country on Saturday, as Cruz again won more delegate slots to the Republican National Convention, while Trump said he was poised for a primary victory that could all but end this GOP fight.

“He can’t win,” Trump said of Cruz, saying that Cruz and John Kasich are holding on by their fingers in the GOP race.

“Frankly, we all got to team up together,” Trump told a rally in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

“The Republican Party has to come together, folks,” the GOP front runner added.

Cruz backers meanwhile were again successful in trying to win over more GOP delegates slots, as Republicans met in seven different states over the weekend to elect the actual people going to this summer’s convention.

For Cruz, there were a number of victories:

+ Cruz supporters won most of the at-large delegate slots in Virginia

+ In Missouri, it was another familiar story of Cruz being better organized, and outworking Trump for delegate slots

+ That was also repeated in Arizona, in a raucous gathering that left Trump supporters making accusations that the process was fixed against them

+ Trump did maintain his delegate spots in Massachusetts, even electing a Trump supporter as a Cruz delegate – something that has drawn the ire of Trump when it goes the other way.

As for Trump, he wasn’t worried about the weekend delegate battles, instead focused on a final series of rallies in the Hoosier State.

The polls in Indiana seem to favor Trump at this point, with a 4.1 percent edge to Trump in the Real Clear Politics average.

Only one recent poll has shown Cruz ahead – that actually showed Cruz leading by 16 points, while a new NBC/Wall Street Journal/Marist poll had Trump ahead in Indiana by 15 points.

You pick the poll that makes you feel better about the GOP race.

The bottom line still seems to be straightforward – if Trump wins in Indiana, and takes most of the delegates, not only does it push him even closer to being the Republican nominee, but may also put more pressure on both Cruz and John Kasich to step aside in the GOP race.